A strategic approach to tactical activities

With YouserENGAGE, you enable all the customer engagement activities of your marketing plan in a single scalable, solid and engineered solution so that you are always in control of the situation.

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Why choose YouserENGAGE to manage your customer engagement strategy?
Speed of action

Contents and Tools
ready to use

Think about what you need and activate it on YouserENGAGE. There is everything and then some.


You can manage all your brands and different countries

Are you part of the HQ? YouserENGAGE allows you to have separate instances to enable differentiated strategies.


Access to all actors involved

Data in the centre and all around. With customised dashboards, every actor has the relevant data for their business.

On the crest of the wave

New features always available

With 2 major releases annually, we guarantee you can always count on fresh stimuli for your users


Gamification is served on a silver platter

You can connect YouserENGAGE with any of your existing content to make every action a mission.


Customise missions by deciding target and content

You can use the Personalisation Engine to diversify content based on the audience you want to engage.

Our guarantees

In a marketing campaign, the data that is acquired is a valuable asset. This is why we have created a system that guarantees the acquisition and storage of data that will always remain the property of the customer and that is handled securely at every stage of the process.

GDPR compliant

The data is collected in compliance with the European regulation 2016/679 and perfectly consistent with the privacy policy of your brand.

Proprietary data

The data remains the property of the customer, archived and always available, divided into separate instances.

Extremely customisable

We can adapt YouserENGAGE to any particular technological need to make it YOUR platform.

100% integrable with your ICT architecture

Thanks to its API Integration Layer, YouserENGAGE integrates with your Martech platform and completes it.

100% safe and tested

We constantly perform Penetration Tests and we implement the best ICT security standards.

100% European Servers

Our entire cloud is located in the EU region.
In the event of a prize competition, we activate a cloud in Italy, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Would you like to know more?
Discover the principles that inspired the
design of YouserENGAGE
Would you like to know more? Discover the principles that inspired the design of YouserENGAGE

(Don’t worry, it’s not a secret!)

Fidelity no longer exists, indeed it never existed

We want to help our customers to become a “loyalty brand” and not just a “brand with a loyalty programme”. There is a big difference and it is simply how good you are at earning the connection of your customers each day with the right tools and stimuli to convey the value of your brand.

Every interaction with the customer is an opportunity for engagement

We believe that every contact with your customers or consumers can become a moment of engagement if integrated into a unique, continuous brand experience, made up of multiple interconnected stimuli that keep people’s attention, from point to point.

Just compare the reports, it's time to analyse real data!

Too often, we meet customers who spend hours and hours comparing reports produced by different agencies and platforms.
This makes any decision slow and fragile. We intend to provide accurate and real-time analysis tools with which to get to know users better and act decisively.

Better sharing means better collaboration

We believe platforms need to connect people and teams involved in achieving common goals. To reach this goal, data and functionalities must be accessible and shared among all the actors of the process.


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